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Power your Facebook page with custom marketing content that is branded with your logo. 2 posts a day every single day. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus more on doing what you love.


You need more than a website. You need a website that is designed to convert visitors into active customers. Let our lead marketing team build you a site that brings in new business.


Make sure that people searching for your business are finding the right things. We help make sure that your online reviews cast your business in the best light.

Google Review Link Generator

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Use our free tool to generate your unique Google review link, then share 
the link with your customers to grow your Google reviews!

What is Google Review Link and Why Do You Need One?

Having your customers leave you a review isn’t as difficult as it might seem—really all you have to do is ask. The only problem is that the process to leave a review on Google is long and complicated. So if you’re going to ask a customer to leave a review, you should make it as easy as possible.


What is Google Review Link?

This is a special review link that simplifies the process for your customers to write a review on your Google My Business Page. With a direct link, customers can post a review in just a matter of seconds instead of navigating the longer process to leave a review on Google. The best part is these links are hypermobile friendly allowing anyone signed in to leave a review in a matter of seconds.

Setting up your Google review link is simple all you have to do is fill out the form and we will automatically create this special link for you. 


Why You Need a Google Review Link?

Most likely 90% of your traffic for new customers is already coming from Google, so using a Google review link is just natural. 

Google's number one job is to make sure that the most relevant results show up on Google. This is why you keep coming back to Google to search, you always seem to find what you are looking for. Google's search engines use review to determine your rank in the search results. The more reviews you have the more often, the more likely you are going to show up on Google higher than your competition. 

If you want to get more customers from Google,  you have to focus on Google reviews. The best way to get more reviews is helping your customers leave a review in the simplest possible solution. This special link is directly from Google and the one they want you to use when requesting reviews from your customers. 

With a single click your customers can easily leave a review for your business in under 30 seconds. 


How to Use Your Google Review Link to Get More Customer Reviews.

Now that you have your Google review link, all you have to do is share it with your customers. Here are some quick, easy ways you can use your link to start generating reviews:

  • Send a "Thank You" email to your customers asking them to leave a review of their experience at your company. 
  • ​Include you unique special Google Review Link
  • ​Use a custom QR code that you can put around your place of business

Tips On Generating Great Customers Reviews.

The Google review link is designed to make it easier for your customers to leave reviews for your business. It is important to take a customers-centric approach when asking for reviews from your customers. You always want to put your customers first and how much they matter to your business. 


Here are 3 ways you can improve the quality of your reviews:

  • Don’t just ask for a Google review, encourage your customers to give honest and specific feedback.
  • ​Explain to customers that their reviews help you improve your service, products, or customer experiences.
  • ​Ask for feedback immediately following service. It’s easier for a customer to leave a review when their positive experience is fresh on their mind.

Not all reviews are created equally and not all will be positive. This is your opportunity to improve your customer service levels. It is important to respond to negative reviews and use the information to improve your customer experience. It is also really important to respond to all reviews that you receive, it will show other people searching for you business that your care. 



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Mark Graff is the Founder of Graffworx Media. Mark grew his video marketing skills in television networks for 25 years and then went onto integrate that knowledge to help other local businesses do the same with his Agency. Mark started Graffworx Media to help business owners market their business online, so that they can focus on doing what they love.

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