Lara Graff Dressage & Event Rider/TrainerLMM Equestrian
Lara’s love for horses began at a young age hopping on ponies in the field of her Aunt’s farm in Central California. The seeds were planted and the vines flourished. As a dressage and eventing enthusiast, Lara emphasizes the importance of correct basics and cross training in her riding and teaching. With 18 years of experience coaching children and adult amateurs as well as being a past Director of riding academies both on the east and west coasts, Lara has much to offer riders. Moreover, as a lifelong equestrian, Lara has extensive veterinary knowledge of the equine athlete, working in the industry for seven years. She also acquired a Bachelor of Science degree from Johnson & Wales University in Equine Business Management & Riding. Craving to study the equestrian industry overseas and with her dual citizenship (U.S.A./Poland), she apprenticed with six-time Olympian Karin Donckers in Belgium. Top riders in the industry, such as Tamie Smith, David Oliynyk, Rita van den Engel, Karin van Dijk, Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel greatly shaped Lara's riding and training career. Students will enjoy interactive lessons tailored to their specific needs. Horses will flourish given Lara's consistent, confident, and calm approach to training. Each horse is cross trained to achieve desirable results.
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